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DeKalb County Schools Redistricting: How Will You Respond?

I have also been told that "people in Ashford Park don't spend $700,000 on a house for their kids to go to Cross Keys." I think that we need to truly examine ourselves and our district if we are going to continue to let these types of reasons be the reasons why we decide not to redistrict or rebuild in certain areas. I believe if people want to spend a lot of money for their children's education, then they are welcome to attend private school.

High School & Middle School Redistricting Meetings

Please see below for information regarding redistricting meetings. Also, I am working on a few suggestions that may be helpful as parents and community stakeholders consider the many different options (Hint: It might include high schools with capacity of 3000 students -- not 1600 students.)

Staff Recommended Short-Term Plan for Cross Keys Cluster

Please stay involved in the process, as a final decision will be made at the March 7 Board of Education meeting after the superintendent makes his recommendation. Provide feedback because -- as this second round shows us -- DCSD is trying to listen to our community and is trying to be responsive to our needs.

Which Option Is Best for the Cross Keys Cluster?

One cluster should not bear the effects of overcrowding while another cluster is protected from this because of the way that the attendance zone lines are drawn. Under the current options, the Cross Keys cluster continues to add trailers while the Chamblee High and Chamblee Middle are projected to receive ZERO.

Where Should the SPLOST V (S.P.A.C.E.S.) Dollars Go in DeKalb?

Time to Redistrict

Two weeks ago, DeKalb County Schools hosted two community input sessions regarding the over-crowding of the Cross Keys cluster schools (click here to view video footage of the 9/15 meeting and the 9/17 meeting, and here for the presentation). During these meetings –... Continue Reading →

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