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Some Chamblee Charter HS Students Welcome Cross Keys HS Students with Racist and Obscene Comments

All this talk about new high schools and redistricting has gotten me thinking: Are we even ready to do this? Because I have a feeling that we are not. Cross Keys High School students were redistricted to Chamblee Charter High... Continue Reading →

Project-Based Learning Through Community Development & Advocacy

I’m trying to get out of the way to make sure that this is not about what I want to see, but that it is about what they would like to see. I’m trying to make sure that democracy is something that everyone has available to them, and of course, I’m trying to show them just why reading, writing, thinking, and speaking is important.

Response to AJC Article on Cross Keys Overcrowding

According to the charts above, all of the elementary schools in the cluster have been over-capacity since 2012 (2010 if we count the chart that is no longer available on the school district's website).

No Affordable Housing for Dunwoody

So I'm the kind of person that, when I say something controversial, tries to see all the responses from the other's perspective. I really try to convince myself that I'm wrong and search for all possible methods to avoid conflict.... Continue Reading →

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