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Georgia Legislators Propose New Education Improvement Plan to Assist Low-Performing Schools

My initial impression is that this "plan B" school improvement plan (as opposed to Governor Deal's Opportunity School District) is better, but I would like to know what indicators the Chief Turnaround Office will be using to determine which schools are "low-performing."

Not Just Another Article on School Takeover

The lack of the above-mentioned items is why many of our schools are failing. The schools that are marked as “failing,” are, in many ways, indicators of where we as a society have failed our schools. We spend millions of public dollars on sports stadiums, economic tax breaks for corporations, and bloated bureaucratic nonsense.

How Do We Improve Student Attendance?

At Cross Keys High School – and other high schools with similar populations – attendance is a major problem. Many students miss school for reasons that students from higher socioeconomic families don’t have to struggle with. This year, I’ve had... Continue Reading →

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