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Education as Part of a Broader Community Development Strategy in Doraville

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been blogging less on the Georgian Educator because I’ve started to focus on a more holistic view of what’s needed to maintain and build up a thriving, diverse, and resilient community in Doraville... Continue Reading →

Please, DeKalb Schools, don’t tear down more affordable apartments in our community.

Please, DeKalb Schools, don’t tear down more affordable apartments in our community. A couple weeks ago, our Cross Keys community was excited to find out that we are moving closer to getting a long overdue new school building. However, my... Continue Reading →

Creating Student Learning Communities in High School

In high school, I was one of those students that had a hard time understanding how Calculus or Chemistry mattered in the “real world.” I knew I wanted to do something like psychology or education – not engineering or med... Continue Reading →

Latinos se unen en la Buford | Mundo Hispanico

This is what happens when you begin community-engaged teaching -- the kids don't stop once they leave your class! True education encourages learning that impacts not just your classroom, but your entire community. Read more about what Leticia Arcila and... Continue Reading →

Doraville Mayor & Community Do Not Want a New High School

I also sit on the school council at Cross Keys High School and the entire council (and everyone present) supported Option B. In conversations with other faculty, the overwhelming majority supported Option B. (When I say "overwhelming majority" I mean that literally no one at the high school has told me they support Option A -- a Doraville HS.)

Atlanta Regional Housing Forum

Housing issues are directly related to the educational climate in a particular area, which is why I wanted to make sure everyone knew about this important event. One of the best measures of school quality is socioeconomic diversity. Figuring out a way to have moderate-/higher-priced housing intermingled with lower-income housing options is important to figuring out how we can have schools that are successful for all children.

DeKalb County Schools Superintendent Takes Time to Respond to Individuals’ Questions

Recently, Parent Councils United of DeKalb (PCU) hosted the annual State of the District address at Tucker High School. During this gathering of parents, teachers, community stakeholders, and district personnel, Superintendent Dr. Green gave a short speech about the future goals... Continue Reading →

Some Chamblee Charter HS Students Welcome Cross Keys HS Students with Racist and Obscene Comments

All this talk about new high schools and redistricting has gotten me thinking: Are we even ready to do this? Because I have a feeling that we are not. Cross Keys High School students were redistricted to Chamblee Charter High... Continue Reading →

Secondary Schools Planning: Thinking Through the Options for Fall 2016

The options for the DeKalb County Secondary Schools Planning and Feasibility Study are out for public review and comment. The big question in the minds of many thoughtful people is “Which option is best for DeKalb?” I wish I could... Continue Reading →

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