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Cross Keys Trailer Situation Reduces Educational Quality

If we want to figure out why Cross Keys is a “priority” school, I believe some of the reasons can be explained in this post. When students don’t feel valued, when students can’t simply come to school and study uninterrupted by chaos, they are more inclined to skip or drop out.

Where Should the SPLOST V (S.P.A.C.E.S.) Dollars Go in DeKalb?

Redistricting Must Promote Integration

We need to think of solutions that will not only alleviate the overcrowding of the 90% Hispanic attendance zone in the Cross Keys cluster, but will also (1) promote the integration of students, and (2) address the over-capacity that many schools like Dunwoody High School, Hightower Elementary, Montgomery Elementary, and others across Region 1 are experiencing.

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