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Choose your school . . .as long as you can get yourself there

I think that the evidence is compelling that if a school choice program does not address transportation, then it is likely to provide greater benefits to those who already enjoy so many while practically excluding many people who may already be a step behind.

Some Chamblee Charter HS Students Welcome Cross Keys HS Students with Racist and Obscene Comments

All this talk about new high schools and redistricting has gotten me thinking: Are we even ready to do this? Because I have a feeling that we are not. Cross Keys High School students were redistricted to Chamblee Charter High... Continue Reading →

Charter Schools: Average is still better than below average

For critics of charter schools to argue that charter schools aren’t “that great” or that they aren’t actually doing any better than the average of the state’s traditional schools is to miss a major factor when considering the performance of these schools. If the average school in the geographic area is performing below the state average, then if a charter school performs on average, it is still out-performing the traditional schools. This is a key component that critics are not including in their analysis of charter schools.

Who Benefits from Redistricting?

There are many specific reasons why I think the redistricting plan that I have proposed will be the best option for the greatest number of people (and shouldn't be too upsetting politically). Here’s why.

Don’t Forget the Local Schools

My fear is that, many times, when a charter school arrives on the scene, some of the biggest advocates for public education throw all their energies into the charter school, depleting the community of some of the most involved parents and community members.

Focusing On What Is Strong — Not What Is Wrong

The principle of focusing on the good instead of the bad is not exactly a new idea. People tout this as the key to break-throughs in teaching students, enhancing relationships, and improving groups like sports teams, but Meria Carstarphen, the new school district superintendent for Atlanta... Continue Reading →

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