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Redistricting Must Promote Integration

We need to think of solutions that will not only alleviate the overcrowding of the 90% Hispanic attendance zone in the Cross Keys cluster, but will also (1) promote the integration of students, and (2) address the over-capacity that many schools like Dunwoody High School, Hightower Elementary, Montgomery Elementary, and others across Region 1 are experiencing.

Why Should Teachers Be Able to Print? My Open Letter to the Cross Keys Community

School begins tomorrow, and I am concerned about some issues I have observed and experienced at Cross Keys High School. First, I want to say that I have experienced nothing but a warm welcome from the administrators and teachers at CKHS. The administrators have worked with me on receiving my desired schedule; they have ensured I had any material I needed to access my computer, gradebook, and email; and they have dropped by my classroom several times to make sure things were going well. My complaint is not against them at all. I believe they are doing all they can to equip their teachers with what they need so that we can provide the best education possible to our students.

Making Sense of the Common Core — Part 2 of 2

Just to briefly recap from my last post: The Common Core is a set of standards meant to raise students' level of college-readiness and to help students stay on track when moving between schools in-state and out-of-state. Instead of focusing... Continue Reading →

Making Sense of the Common Core

One of my favorite criticisms of the Common Core is that it is a "national curriculum" forced upon teachers, parents, and students by Washington. If you research the Common Core for about half an hour, you will realize that it... Continue Reading →

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