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How Do I Check to See If I’m “On Track” to Graduate?

Graduating high school is tough, especially if you have moved multiple times between schools or school districts. That's why I wanted to provide links to some of the Metro Atlanta schools graduation requirements. While the counselors and administrative staff at... Continue Reading →

How Does Funding Impact Student Achievement?

I could go into the lack of social workers in high-poverty schools, the lack of police officers at high-poverty schools, the low-quality buildings in high-poverty schools, the overcrowding in high-poverty schools, but I think there is already enough here for one post. These issues cannot be addressed without funding.

We’re Still Segregated: A Case for Equal Opportunity Education

Creating an independent school district would not only allow these cities the ability to cut off families who could not afford to live in their city limits, but it would also remove a significant amount of funding from the county systems that they are currently a part of.

Focusing On What Is Strong — Not What Is Wrong

The principle of focusing on the good instead of the bad is not exactly a new idea. People tout this as the key to break-throughs in teaching students, enhancing relationships, and improving groups like sports teams, but Meria Carstarphen, the new school district superintendent for Atlanta... Continue Reading →

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