Georgia state legislators have just introduced HB 338 to create a “system of supports and assistance for low-performing schools in the greatest need.” Take a moment to look over the 12-page bill that Republican lawmakers dropped yesterday, and let me know your thoughts.

My initial impression is that this “plan B” school improvement plan (as opposed to Governor Deal’s Opportunity School District) is better, but I would like to know what indicators the Chief Turnaround Office will be using to determine which schools are “low-performing.”

As Code Section 20-14-25 of the bill states, the factors are a bit vague: “(a) The Chief Turnaround Officer shall annually identify the low-performing schools that are in the greatest need of assistance based on the number of years such schools have received an unacceptable rating and any other factors deemed appropriate by the Chief Turnaround Officer. The number of schools identified annually shall be at the sole discretion of the Chief Turnaround Officer, based on the capacity and resources available to the Chief Turnaround Officer.”

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