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December 2016

Creating Student Learning Communities in High School

In high school, I was one of those students that had a hard time understanding how Calculus or Chemistry mattered in the “real world.” I knew I wanted to do something like psychology or education – not engineering or med... Continue Reading →

DeKalb teachers resign for anti-immigration comments after Trump win

By Marlon Walker Two DeKalb County teachers have resigned after making disparaging statements about illegal immigration, district officials said Tuesday. According to district officials, Diane Clark resigned effective Nov. 28 and Susan Petre resigned effective Dec. 1. Both resignations were... Continue Reading →

Local Teacher, Parent Speak About Cross Keys Overcrowding on WABE

Listen to the WABE Story: By Martha Dalton It’s no secret that Atlanta’s population is booming. According to U.S. Census data, the metro Atlanta region grew by more than 10 percent from April 2010 to July 2015. That kind... Continue Reading →

How Do Parent Centers Improve Our Schools?

Why Have Family Engagement Centers? Almost everyone universally accepts the failure of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). When I first began teaching, the cornerstone education legislation of George W. Bush hung heavily over every pedagogical conversation I had. We teachers... Continue Reading →

Latinos se unen en la Buford | Mundo Hispanico

This is what happens when you begin community-engaged teaching -- the kids don't stop once they leave your class! True education encourages learning that impacts not just your classroom, but your entire community. Read more about what Leticia Arcila and... Continue Reading →

Doraville Mayor Supports DeKalb BOE Vote Tomorrow

In the letter, Mayor Pittman encourages the DeKalb Board of Education to vote tomorrow night. The letter also clarifies her position on a Doraville HS and the new Doraville-area elementary school.

Update: Multiple Schools Now Requesting Defer on E-SPLOST Vote | DeKalb Schools Fact Checker

I wanted to share this new information in an an effort to be sure I'm sharing all sides of the argument for and against the DeKalb County School Board approving the SPLOST V project list on Monday, December 5. By... Continue Reading →

Gwinnett, Teach Us Your Ways.

On Wednesday, the LCI team released their preliminary findings of their area, and I was a bit surprised by some of their analyses and recommendations. Most notably: the Buford Highway corridor population has remained relatively stagnant over the past few years, and they project that it will stay that way for at least the next several years. Interestingly, their recommendations are similar to those of the expert planners in DCSD. While they do suggest that the corridor plan for the "continued densification" (more people) of BuHi, they also suggest that development be planned "for the long term in phases."

New Doraville-Area Elementary School Back on SPLOST V Project List

After a few weeks of community discussion and petitioning, the DeKalb County Schools planning department (headed by Chief Operating Officer Josh Williams and director of planning Dan Drake) has released an updated SPLOST V project list to be approved by the Board of Education (BOE) this coming Monday.

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