After spending a good deal of time thinking through the Secondary Schools Feasibility Study options, I think I have finally settled on an option. While previously I had held to the idea that a Doraville-area high school would be the best option, I think that, in the interest of time, cost, educational opportunities, and overall educational equity, building a new building for Cross Keys HS (either at its current location or at the Briarcliff location) would be the best option for our families in all of Regions 1 and 2.

I stand fully with the Cross Keys Foundation’s position (please read below), and I hope that all of the Cross Keys cluster schools support a variant of Option B. In order for your voice to be heard, it is imperative that you complete this brief survey (click here for the official DeKalb School District Secondary Schools Survey). You have until 11:59PM on September 16 to complete this survey.