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September 2016

Dekalb County Schools Publishes Final Recommendation

Click here to view the recommended plan to relieve overcrowding in Regions 1 and 2.

Some Chamblee Charter HS Students Welcome Cross Keys HS Students with Racist and Obscene Comments

All this talk about new high schools and redistricting has gotten me thinking: Are we even ready to do this? Because I have a feeling that we are not. Cross Keys High School students were redistricted to Chamblee Charter High... Continue Reading →

Cross Keys HS and Sequoyah MS Issue a Joint Letter of Support for Option B

*Cross Keys HS and Sequoyah MS issued the same letter; however, SMS signed the letter "Sequoyah MS School CouncilĀ and Cross Keys HS School Council," while CKHS signed the letter simply as "Cross Keys HS School Council." This is a minor... Continue Reading →

Cross Keys HS and Sequoyah MS Issue Letters of Support for Option B

Over the past few weeks, the Cross Keys High School Council has been gathering input from various stakeholders in the Buford Highway community. Today, Principal Heard (Cross Keys HS) and Principal Anthony (Sequoyah MS) issued their schools' position papers in... Continue Reading →

Cross Keys Foundation Endorses Plan to Build New Cross Keys HS

I stand fully with the Cross Keys Foundation's position (please read below), and I hope that all of the Cross Keys cluster schools support a variant of Option B.

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