Graduating high school is tough, especially if you have moved multiple times between schools or school districts. That’s why I wanted to provide links to some of the Metro Atlanta schools graduation requirements.

While the counselors and administrative staff at local schools keep track of a student’s credits, it’s also wise to cross-check these documents. In college, students have printed out records of these, and they personally track their progress towards fulfilling the credit requirements in order to graduate.

Students who have moved between schools on seven-period days to block scheduling, or students who have moved between school districts, which may have different requirements, need to be even more thorough in their records as they work towards graduation.

This is what a student needs in order to check this:

  • their official or unofficial transcript
  • their school district’s graduation requirements
  • test records (eg. in Gwinnett County Public Schools, students are required to pass the Gateway Writing Test in order to graduate)
  • current class schedule

What you need to do with this information:

  • Check your transcript against your school district’s requirements, and make sure that within 4 years, you are taking and have taken the classes that you will need in order to graduate.
  • If you need help or notice an error or a perceived discrepancy, schedule an appointment with the school counseling department.
  • Bring your transcript as well as your own calculations regarding your credits towards graduation.
  • Discuss what classes you need to take during the next year(s) of high school in order to fulfill the graduation requirements.
  • Discuss what required tests you need to pass in order to fulfill the graduation requirements.

Below are the graduation requirements for Gwinnett, DeKalb, Fulton, APS, and Clayton. If you need to access your school system’s graduation requirements, simply Google your “school system + graduation requirements.” Or simply click here to access to state of Georgia’s general graduation requirements page.

Gwinnett County Public Schools

DeKalb County School District

Fulton County Public Schools

Atlanta Public Schools

Clayton County Public Schools

A general summary of what it takes to receive a high school diploma is as follows:

High School Diploma

Students must meet diploma requirements in three areas: assessments, courses and credits.
  • Assessments:
    All students must take the Georgia Milestones End of Course (EOC) assessments in Ninth Grade Language Arts, American Literature, Algebra I, Geometry, United States History, Economics, Physical Science, and Biology. These students must pass the course to meet graduation requirements.
  • Courses: Students must complete and pass specific EOC course requirements as outlined by the graduation rule.
  • Credits: Students must earn 23 units as a minimum state requirement for graduation. Additional requirements may be established by the local district.