As many of you know, we have meetings regarding the DeKalb County Schools’ redistricting plans for the Secondary Schools. These will take place on August 23 at Clarkston HS at 6:30PM and on August 25 at Cross Keys HS at 6:30PM. More info available here.

Chamblee Magnet Will NOT Be Moving?

Already, a few communities have been working hard to ensure that they are able to provide the district and EdPlanners, LLC. (the consulting firm who is conducting the Secondary Schools Planning and Feasibility Study) with their opinions.

Below is an excerpt from an email between a concerned parent and one of the consultants from EdPlanners (you can view this in the comment section of Stan Jester’s blog here):

chamblee magnet.JPG

As this shows, other communities are voicing their concerns and are receiving their desired outcomes. We need to make sure that the families in the Buford Highway community have the same chance to be heard.

Many DCSD families have been encouraged by the DeKalb County School District’s effort to relieve the overcrowding in the Cross Keys cluster. While the temporary solutions were far from unanimously popular, by redistricting students, the district demonstrated their recognition of the dire conditions the students in Cross Keys are being forced to live with. Because 400 and 700 parents and community stakeholders showed up to the Fall 2015 overcrowding meetings at Cross Keys HS and Sequoyah MS, respectively, the district was able to see just how much the BuHi community cared about their schooling conditions.

No longer could this attendance zone be ignored.

As the August 23 meeting date approaches, our Buford Highway (Cross Keys Cluster) community needs to be sure to attend these meetings with the same amount of gusto and energy. The different options are provided below. Our community cannot be silent on this matter if they want to have a voice in what ends up taking place.

Take the Survey!

I have created a survey for our community to take (a Spanish version will be released shortly), and I encourage you to disseminate this information to your different networks. There on pro’s and con’s for each position, and I encourage you to familiarize yourself with these options so that you can feel comfortable advocating for one or two options. (To read an in-depth look at these different options, please click here.)

Click here to take the community survey (unofficial survey; results will be given to EdPlanners and Department of Planning of DCSD).

It was incredible to see the number of parents, students, and families attend the different overcrowding meetings last year, and I hope the BuHi community is reminded of the power of presence. Whatever position you hold, please speak up. We know that the district is listening; your voice will not be used in vain.