Recently I was selected to lead a professional development for the DeKalb Educators’ Annual Conference 2016. The session was titled Authentic Learning: How to Facilitate Community Development Through Project-Based Learning. I’m sharing this because I received so much positive feedback from attendees who couldn’t wait to get started with these types of projects in their classrooms, and I figured someone else out there might benefit from these ideas.

One educator had this to say:

denise comment

This presentation introduces educators and administrators to the basics of community improvement through project-based learning. This Powerpoint explains how teachers can align their projects to Georgia Standards of Excellence while also creating cross curricular projects that improve student engagement and that immediately impact their community. Teachers will also learn how to conduct asset mapping and needs assessments within their classroom in order to align community assets with community needs, resulting in a healthy, sustainable model for community development.

I believe in this project and projects like it because they have the power to unify schools and communities, while also preparing students for college and career. I have such a wonderful community in the Cross Keys cluster, and I am so proud of what we all are achieving together.

I’d love to hear what other teachers are doing with project-based learning. Feel free to email me at