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May 2016

Inequities Facing South & North DeKalb

The problems facing the South are much more difficult to address. No amount of funding in the South will fix the far-reaching, lasting effects of racism and segregation – not if funding is not accompanied by other systemic changes.

Could a New Cross Keys HS Be Located at Assembly?

Before the Tuesday, May 10, and Thursday, May 12, secondary schools meetings next week, I want our community to consider one last option for our high schools. I consider this option to be somewhat of a middle ground option, and I hope that after thinking through these different ideas, we will be able to think a bit more clearly about the potential future of DeKalb Schools in Region 1.

Milestones Testing: A High School Teacher Weighs In

This isn’t because our testing schedule is poorly constructed (in fact, it’s actually quite organized thanks to our very thorough testing coordinator) – it’s because computer tests that take over 3 hours each are extremely difficult to administer without glitches, and the tests are too long.

What If Chamblee HS and Cross Keys HS Combined?

In my mind, this integrating of two medium-sized high schools into one large high school can benefit our community and our school system (both financially, academically, and athletically), but we need to be okay with thinking outside the box and making some changes to our comfort zones.

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