Tonight Sequoyah Middle School held the first Public Meeting on Redistricting to Address the Cross Keys Cluster Overcrowding. To get all of the information directly from DeKalb County Schools, visit the district site by clicking here.

Dan Drake, Director of Planning for DeKalb County Schools, presented three different redistricting options for elementary schools and two different redistricting options for the high school. Click here to view these options, released hours before the meeting tonight.

Below is a timeline for the decision process for the affected schools. Parents and community members have the opportunity to attend the January 14 and 19 meetings to learn more about these different redistricting options first-hand and afterwards engage in small group discussions. On February 11 at Cross Keys HS, the district will lay out its revised plan for final public comment. After that, the planning department may make additional changes before taking it to Superintendent Green and the DeKalb Board of Education for final approval.


If you would like to speak before a larger audience to voice your comments or concerns, please sign up to speak at the DeKalb Board of Education meeting on February 1. You can do so by emailing: When you email, you need to list the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Topic to be address
  • Previous steps taken to resolve issue


Instructions on signing up to speak before the DeKalb County Board of Education at the Monthly Community Input Sessions (translations):

Spanish: Proceso de inscripción para las Sesiones mensuales de aportes comunitarios

Board Policy: Política del Consejo BCBI Participación del público en las reuniones del Consejo

English: Process for Signing Up at the Monthly Community Input Sessions

Board Policy: Board Policy BCBI Public Participation in Board Meetings

Amharic:  በወርሃዊ የማህበረሰብ ስብሰባ ላይ መገኘትን ለመጠዬቅ መሟላት ያለባቸው ሁኔታዎች

Board Policy: የቦርድ መመሪያ/ፖሊሲ BCBI በቦርድ ስብሰባዎች ላይ የህዝብ ተሳትፎ

Bengali: মািসক কিমউিনিট ইনপুট েসশনগ

Board Policy: েবােডর্র নীিত BCBI

Chinese: 每月社区意见会议的登记程序

Board Policy: 委员会政策描述符代码 BCBI 公众参与委员

Vietnamese: Quy Trình Đăng Ký Các Phiên Thu Thập Thông Tin Cộng Đồng Hàng Tháng

Board Policy: Chính Sách của Hội Đồng BCBI Tham Gia Cộng Đồng vào các Cuộc Họp của Hội Đồng Quản Trị Giáo Dục

And for those of you just sitting on the edge of your seats, wondering what I think, I’ll be writing an article on my position in the next few days. Thank you for being engaged in this discussion. Please leave your comments and opinions below — I’d really love to hear them.