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January 2016

Which Option Is Best for the Cross Keys Cluster?

One cluster should not bear the effects of overcrowding while another cluster is protected from this because of the way that the attendance zone lines are drawn. Under the current options, the Cross Keys cluster continues to add trailers while the Chamblee High and Chamblee Middle are projected to receive ZERO.

Is there an alternative to merit pay?

The purpose of merit pay is to, theoretically, improve the quality and retention of high-qualified teachers. If this is the case, let’s implement policies that attract and incentivize teachers to stay working in the profession – especially in low-performing schools – instead of punishing teachers with punitive merit-pay (based on test scores), suffocating bureaucracy, and mounds of inconsequential paperwork.

Encuesta Sobre La Reestructuración Distrital En el Área de Cross Keys

Si queren ofrecer su opinion sobre la Reestructuración Distrital En el Área de Cross Keys, haz clic aqui. Esta página se cerrará el martes 26 de enero a las 23:59.

The Redistricting of the Cross Keys Cluster: Things to Consider

Even if Chamblee Charter HS might need to be a bit over-capacity next year, the students would greatly benefit from the change. Having a couple extra trailers at a school isn’t aesthetically enjoyable, nor is it ideal for educating students. I would argue, however, that 15-25 portables at one school is much worse for students, teachers, and administrators, and we cannot require Cross Keys HS to bear the full weight of overcrowding while Chamblee Charter HS has room to spare.

Addressing the Substitute Teacher Shortage

However, many of us like to volunteer a day here or there with different non-profits or charities. What if we thought about substitute teaching in a similar way? Instead of spending a day volunteering at a soup kitchen, why not spend a day substitute teaching in a school with kids in a rough part of town?

Cross Keys Cluster Overcrowding Update

Below is a timeline for the decision process for the affected schools. Parents and community members have the opportunity to attend the January 14 and 19 meetings to learn more about these different redistricting options first-hand and afterwards engage in small group discussions.

Low-Income Schools Lack Substitute Teachers

We all know what happens when a substitute teacher takes over a class for a day -- at best, students work quietly on an assignment; at worst, students enjoy a "free period" to converse with their classmates. In low-income schools and school districts, the impact on the students is felt even more because of the additional loss of instructional time that ripples throughout classrooms as teachers scramble to cover for one another.

Should DeKalb Schools Participate in the Assembly TAD? (Part 2)

I want to preface this post by saying that any deal should maintain sound fiscal condition of schools, help solve overcrowding, promote continued diversity, and foster community. You don’t get what you don’t ask for, so I figure that the schools system should at least try to negotiate the best deal they can before making a final decision.

Should DeKalb Schools Participate in the Assembly TAD? (Part 1)

Additionally, an investment that contributes to the health and growth of a community can directly or indirectly affect the students and their families in a holistic manner. Students living in blighted communities perform worse in school, experience more health problems, and struggle with the effects of poverty in economic and social ways. Investing in this particular Buford Highway community could be one of the best ways the school system could support student success in a real way. As research repeatedly shows, helping communities out of poverty is one of the best ways to improve a student’s academic, social, and economic prospects.

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