This post is by no means going to be comprehensive in its scope. There is simply too much to say about the appalling state of DeKalb County School System’s trailers (“Modular Classrooms”).

I have created a slideshow of pictures from the trailers housed in Region 1, Region 2 and Region 3. These pictures were sent to me from a concerned Region 2 parent, and I believe it’s important for all of us to see these pictures and ask for something to be done. I understand that schools are going to need trailer classrooms, but we can do much better by these children and families. Let’s take some pride in our buildings so that our students feel valued by their school system and communities.

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Also, one may wish to note that the report from Marlon Walker in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution states that these trailers hold “about 17 students.” At the school I teach at currently, I know for a fact that our teachers sometimes have up to 32 high school students in their trailer classrooms.

Since I can’t display student information, due to privacy, I have taken a screenshot of the number from Infinite Campus, our online grading, attendance, and roster tool for DCSS. (T-6 means Trailer #6.)

Schedule Pic.png

It is important to note that the maximum class size in DeKalb County is 37, and while trailers are only supposed to have 17 students in them, the school many times has to allow as many as necessary (not in excess of 37). In schools that are overcrowded — like Cross Keys — this means that the trailers often times exceed this “ideal” number of 17.