8 December 2015

Rebekah Cohen Morris

Cross Keys High School
1626 N Druid Hills Rd
Atlanta, GA 30319

DeKalb County School District
1701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard
Stone Mountain, GA  30083

Dear Dr. R. Stephen Green, Mr. Gary Brantley, Mr. Dan Drake, and Mr. Josh Williams,

I wanted to tell you all how much I appreciate you all listening to and providing solutions to several of the issues I (and others) have raised the past few months. I know that you all have much work to do to continue improving DeKalb County Schools, but I want you all to know that I truly appreciate your responsiveness.


I especially wanted to thank you, Mr. Brantley, for ensuring that Cross Keys HS had industrial-size copy machines installed before the end of the semester. Teachers at CKHS have wasted much time over the past couple years trying to make copies for their classes. I know Principal Heard has spent much time advocating for this and other needs of the teachers and the students, and I appreciate the efforts he has made to ensure we CK teachers have the necessary tools we need to instruct our students. Thank you for listening to our administration and the faculty regarding these issues this semester. It means a lot to us and to our students.


I also wanted to thank you all for listening to the community’s requests that third and fourth grade academies not be created at the proposed sites on North Druid Hills Road and Chamblee Tucker Road. I know that many parents and community members requested the DCSD leaders to consider how these additional campuses would further burden parents who already have a difficult time making it to three different, spread out campuses – let alone the burden of making it to four. Mr. Drake and Mr. Williams, I really feel like the Facilities Management and Planning Departments are listening to the voices of the community, and I look forward to seeing the final plans for the 2016-2017 school year.

Finally, Dr. Green, I sincerely appreciate your immediate attention to the Cross Keys cluster overcrowding issues, as well as many other issues county-wide. Your compassion is evident. Those who spoke out at the CK community meetings raised many issues within our cluster, and I feel like you have taken those concerns to heart. 

Bus Issues

I also am truly encouraged by the actions you have taken to address the bus issues in the district. I know that since you were made aware of the situation, the number of students arriving tardy due to late buses has declined dramatically. Thank you for taking swift action and for putting in place the necessary measures to ensure our children are being transported to and from school safely and promptly.

I know there are many other positive things that have been happening in the district, including raising pay for certified personnel, addressing the substitute teacher shortage, auditing different departments, providing new technology, and considering redistricting.

I’ve only been in DeKalb County Schools for a short time, but I have been very impressed by the leadership in DCSD. I appreciate the work that you all do for our students, and I’m looking forward to seeing our students benefit from this in the years to come.

Thanks again for all that you do (and for putting up with me!).