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December 2015

Another Perspective: Nancy Jester Responds

The IGA that the Commission approved on Tuesday has numerous stipulations about TAD expenditures. They include a new fire station, water/sewer infrastructure, streets, and storm water management structures. The TAD is set for a period of 25 years but DeKalb has built in a review and reauthorization provision at the 10 year mark.

How Do We Improve Student Attendance?

At Cross Keys High School – and other high schools with similar populations – attendance is a major problem. Many students miss school for reasons that students from higher socioeconomic families don’t have to struggle with. This year, I’ve had... Continue Reading →

Pictures of Trailers in DeKalb Schools

I have created a slideshow of pictures from the trailers housed in Region 1, Region 2 and Region 3. These pictures were sent to me from a concerned Region 2 parent, and I believe it’s important for all of us to see these pictures and ask for something to be done. I understand that schools are going to need trailer classrooms, but we can do much better by these children and families. Let’s take some pride in our buildings so that our students feel valued by their school system and communities.

Statement from Dr. R. Stephen Green Regarding Participation in Doraville TAD

"We are expected to be good stewards of our resources and I think making a 25-year commitment to freezing the school tax digest does not fulfill that commitment."

Doraville TAD Has Big Implications for DeKalb Co

Our county must start thinking of itself as a whole county – not as a North DeKalb and a South DeKalb. What happens in one part of the county affects the rest of the county, and I’m glad that the Board of Commissioners made a decision that reflects that mentality.

Open Letter to DeKalb Leaders

I’ve only been in DeKalb County Schools for a short time, but I have been very impressed by the leadership in DCSD. I appreciate the work that you all do for our students, and I’m looking forward to seeing our students benefit from this in the years to come.

Teachers Feel Afraid to Speak Up

I’m trying to put the information into the community so that the community knows what is happening in their school. I want community members – my friends and my students’ families – to feel empowered by the information presented so that they become advocates for themselves and their schools.

Teach for America Could Help Teacher Shortage Issues

For many struggling districts, the choice isn’t between a college graduate who has an education degree and twenty years of experience and a Teach for America teacher who doesn’t have an educational background. The choice is between a substitute teacher or a TFA teacher.

With the Latino/Hispanic population of Georgia continuing to grow, it is important for us to consider the ramifications of our state’s policies on university attendance and tuition.

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