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November 2015

Response to AJC Article on Cross Keys Overcrowding

According to the charts above, all of the elementary schools in the cluster have been over-capacity since 2012 (2010 if we count the chart that is no longer available on the school district's website).

Guest Perspective: A System of Charter Clusters May Be Right for DeKalb

Over the next few weeks, in an effort to promote discussion and collaboration, I want to begin to gather different perspectives for solving some of the overcrowding and management issues regarding DeKalb County Schools. Below I've shared a piece (with... Continue Reading →

What is Oakcliff Traditional Theme School?

The 2014-2015 numbers for FTE (full-time enrollment) were just over 730 students (with capacity for approximately 760). There is also plenty of room to place a couple quads (4-8 temporary classrooms with a hallway and restroom facilities) on the grounds in order to accommodate this expanded enrollment -- without taking away from the community garden or the school basketball courts.

Cross Keys Trailers Need Help

My request from the county is very simple: please provide our students walkways (or gravel) to their trailers and please maintain the trailers properly. Hold the vendors accountable for their work.

High Poverty Schools Lose Too Much Instructional Time

Cross Keys Trailer Situation Reduces Educational Quality

If we want to figure out why Cross Keys is a “priority” school, I believe some of the reasons can be explained in this post. When students don’t feel valued, when students can’t simply come to school and study uninterrupted by chaos, they are more inclined to skip or drop out.

Guest Perspective: Solving Problems On Paper, Not In The Real World

Using the proposed capacity numbers, the capacity of the Cross Keys cluster increases by 1,603. In fact, using the classroom capacities in the Capacity Determination Guide would eliminate the need for most of the trailers right now (capacity-7,357 vs. enrollment-7,627). This cluster would only need approximately 20 trailers.

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