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October 2015

An Open Letter to the Director of Planning for DeKalb County Schools

First and foremost, in August 2016, send students in the Cross Keys cluster to Chamblee Charter HS to fill the roughly 300 empty seats available there because this makes the most efficient use of space in existing buildings. If you sent students who were incoming freshman, you could minimize disruption to student and family lives.

Where Should the SPLOST V (S.P.A.C.E.S.) Dollars Go in DeKalb?

Who Benefits from Redistricting?

There are many specific reasons why I think the redistricting plan that I have proposed will be the best option for the greatest number of people (and shouldn't be too upsetting politically). Here’s why.

A Rationale for Redistricting

My friends' parents were sometimes welfare recipients or disability recipients. I had friends whose parents were struggling to survive in the U.S. after the Bosnian conflict had ravaged and destroyed their lives. And then sometimes my friends would go on cruises in the Bahamas -- and I'd be super jealous. Sometimes, my friends' parents had to pay for me to go on school trips because my family couldn't afford it, and sometimes those same parents helped my parents out with tuition.

No Affordable Housing for Dunwoody

So I'm the kind of person that, when I say something controversial, tries to see all the responses from the other's perspective. I really try to convince myself that I'm wrong and search for all possible methods to avoid conflict.... Continue Reading →

Redistricting Must Promote Integration

We need to think of solutions that will not only alleviate the overcrowding of the 90% Hispanic attendance zone in the Cross Keys cluster, but will also (1) promote the integration of students, and (2) address the over-capacity that many schools like Dunwoody High School, Hightower Elementary, Montgomery Elementary, and others across Region 1 are experiencing.

Violating Students’ Civil Rights?

Please see the letter below. My favorite excerpt from this: "However, the above figures suggest that the District’s proposed attendance boundary modifications assign some students to a school other than the one closest to their home and have the effect... Continue Reading →

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