I’m not a big writer. I’m actually a big reader.

But I decided that, as a high school teacher and parent, I have a lot of thoughts and opinions when I read articles regarding today’s education system, as I’m sure most of you have. Therefore, I decided to start a blog to record some of these thoughts and also to hear from others so that we might have a productive discussion regarding the issues at hand.

I’m passionate about education because it is, I believe, the biggest agent for fighting against poverty and for giving every single student a chance to succeed in life. We can try to fix the poverty problem later, or we can address the issue before it begins. Education, when done correctly, does this. If we want to pretend like there is nothing wrong with today’s public education system, then we are just delaying change that could actually benefit students.

Join me as we sift through some of the most controversial topics surrounding the education field: charter schools, school reform, the Common Core, the College and Career Readiness Index, and many other important issues facing parents, educators, policy makers, and — most importantly — the students.